"Profits by the Meter" - Comic Strip

Hello there.

I’m not an artist but I had this idea for a comic strip and decided to use Blender to make it happen. It’s a very quick work and I know that technically the art is shit, but I’m looking for feedback on the plot and execution. It was rendered in BI. I’m planning to post it on Twitter but not before some feedback and possibly some improvements. Some knowledge of national flags is necessary to understand it, but I’m not dumbing it down (please don’t suggest that)… if you don’t get it: (Hungary -> ~3 Italy, Costa Rica -> ~4 Netherlands -> ~2 France, US -> ~Chile (Fail), others are in the strip - Austria, Poland, Indonesia, Monaco). I know in some countries cutting a flag is obscene, a crime and such, so I hope nobody gets offended or something, that’s not the intention.

Points of focus:

  1. Continuity - does the story ‘progress’ naturally and intuitively?
  2. Clarity - Is intention clear specially on the first 2 and last 3 images
  3. Layout - I’m no comic strip expert, I’m not sure if the layout is unequivocal

C&Cs are much appreciated.

I don’t think its clear at all, is he selling flags and trying to up his profits? Trying to make a flag he can’t find?

I think the character is cutting certain flags into small pieces to look like flags for other countries E.g he cut the Hungarian flag smaller in order to get the flag for Italy because that would be cheaper since the smaller flags are less expensive. However when he cut the US flag he got anxious due to flag desecration laws which I believe is a USA thing. So he cut the flag up into smaller pieces to look like the Austrian (I believe) and Monaco flags. I just can’t tell if the character is buying or selling.

The last panel I believe is:

at = Austria,
pl = Poland,
id = Indonesian,
mc = Monaco,

But I only see Monaco and Austria in the panel, heh.

Oh and OP, I hope you notice how I say ‘I think’ and ‘I believe’ quite a few times. It definitely needs some clarity because I don’t know what this guy’s real intention is? Is he trying to make a profit or buy cheaper goods?