program crashing

first of all, I’m really sorry to post this without doing a very big search of the forum to find an answer, but I am extremely desparate because this is the worst possible timing ever for Blender to be crashing on me.:frowning:

If you know of a thread related to this or want to point me in another direction please do so.

SO Blender has been working fine. I have an ATI graphics card, and I solved the slowness problem by downloading an NVIDIA driver and giving it the name of the ATI driver.(thanks forum!!) and Blender was great until tonight, when I have the most enormous project due ever and now it just freezes. it seems to always freeze in object mode. If I have other stuff open it freezes sooner. It usually works for about 30 minutes if nothing else is open, then it freezes. If another program is open it freezes within about 15 minutes.

I opened my task manager and when it freezes, blender.exe just sits at about a 92-88%

Thank you thank you thank you for any help you can give me.

I thought I should mention that on this particular blender file I am working on I have a lot of layers(I am currently using 8 layers) and tons of different objects, including NURBS curves that I have prepared for skinning, and separate bezier curves that are being used as 3d path extrusions.

Well, first you might try the latest CVS (i.e. blender 2.43 … soon to be released)

Secondly, with the compositing nodes available, it’s generally not a good idea to have “huge scenes” with “tons of objects”, when especially for “still images”, it’s not terribly difficult to composite scenes together. There has been a lot of great info recently added to the wiki on how to use the composite nodes. So it sounds like you need to split up your scene into separate files, as may have run into the limits of your machine / Blender

What does Blender report for memory usage (in the top right corner of the User Preferences header? How much memory do you have on your machine? How big is th blender file?