Program- Revolution

Ok, So I am working on a project, I know what I want done, now I just need a team.

All rights reserved by there individual authors
Keep RECORDS of all submissions, and I will try to let you know if it makes it in game our not.

it is set in the future so far ahead, that an entire metropolis has sat empty for a hundred years, with amazing technology. Due to radiation, infestation and extermination long story short
Your job is to help save the last remaining vestiges of human life by making the city safe and inhabitable. you use puzzles, weapons, and physics to restart the city and try not to be eaten, assimilated or enslaved.

3 factions currently control the City

1-Semi humans, Genetically modified humans, These creatures are a mix of human and animal DNA- Some can breath under water, some can emit electrical discharge and many more.

2-AI’s - Cruel efficient but not necessarily evil… AVOID AT ALL COSTS

3-Evolved/mutated creatures- Giant Rats, Killer Plants, Sentient fungus’s, as well as mans tampering with some species.

Right now I have
1 working vehicle
1 working player model- Test Char, not real player model
1 working flash light
1 working gun - pick up item
1 working Enemy Ai, no path-finding logic yet

what I need, Python script that sets property speed, so I can use it to determine collision damage to HP of said item

Robots and mutated animals, sketches, low poly models, some help with texturing,
and these vehicles, with a universal code scheme for getting in and out of all of them based on picked up keys.


1- hate tank -see file
2-Clanker - like hate tank but smaller, and able to magnetically stick to some surfaces and roll.
3- light lifting frame- like the loader from aliens, but more agile, THINK GORILLA
4- Speeder Bike - hovering motorcycle - fast but fragile
5-Climbing frame- similar to light lifter, but has ability to climb a variety of surfaces, and repel swat style.
6-Vector- 2- turbine harrier style jet fighter, hard to control, Not super fast, but very well armed, and agile, and deadly



This is a for profit venture, I would also like to design / implement some type of automated pay scale based on what ends up in the game, as well as who is most active in concept-design and implementation, both for code and game direction.


Im not sure why, but it will not let me upload my blend so here is

Password 1qaz2wsx

Odd, I packed all data, but when I open the downloaded version, the texture UV’s are gone, and some settings are changed…

Awesome vehicle. If I wasn’t doing my own game project I’d probably help you out, but here are a few things:

  1. Make the wheels actually react with the ground rather than fake the rotation. You can use rigid body joints for that.
  2. Make it cooler. When you turn, have the vehicle lean into the corner.

You want to find out how fast the vehicle is moving heh?
Look for examples of a speedometer, there are quite a few around the place.
Are you any good at reading other peoples code? If not, then try it. What I would do is have code that:
If you hit something that isn’t the ground, then:
find the speed
subtract = speed * 0.05
Health = health - subtract

If you need help writing or getting any of the code, then just ask, I’ll, or any other coder will be able to help.
The reason I am not giving you code straight off is because If I do then you will likely not finish the project, as you will always be reliant on another person. If you learn to do everything yourself then you can always do it, even if no-one else does.

I need to get better with python I have seen what others have done but when I edit it it ussually does not run
I have learned LsL fof secondlife as well as. Qc for quake 1 but I should take a python class