Programatically distributing points along path

I am having trouble iterating through points & placing existing points(10) along given path.

total = len(self.path_vertices)#total of vertices being added as you draw
pts = len(self.points) #10 existing points that need to be evenly distributed along given path
for i in range(1,pts):
    for j in range(1,total, i*2):
       index_order = int( j / i - 1)
       self.points[i].location = self.path_vertices[index_order) ].location

Am I doing something wrong?

Based on what exactly do you want to distribute the points, just their index on the array or based on the distance, so points are evenly distributed in 3d space?

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Hey, Based on distance is fine, maybe use the path count as a factor.
I will send you the .py so you can test it.

got the PM!

Something like this is that you want to do?

I am asking just for reference.