programers needed.


My proposal is to make a plugin for deep exploration (but i don’t have the programing skills)

this is the most important and influencial thing that could be done by the blender community to make blender become more succesful than it currently is.

there is a program called DEEP EXPLORATION by a company called RIGHT HEMISPHERE.

DEEP EXPLORATION is a graphics format interchanging program as well a a high quality ray-tracing renderer.

If you want blender to become a peice of software used in the profesional market then a DEEP EXPLORATION PLUGIN MUST BE MADE.

look at this forum

they need a BLENDER plugin to be made for them. when the plugin is made this software will provide the interchange of all major formats BOTH IMPORT AND EXPORT. maya, lightflow, 3ds, etc… i could go on forever. with suport for nurbs, animation, camera settings, materials, UV textures, particles, bieziers, metaballs, and anything else you can think of.

please programers look at it as this could make blender very atractive to profesionals and could help get blender improved by the big budgeted film companys.

thanks for your timeIt is a comercial program but is very reasonably priced ($75USD for students) its not a $4000 maya but is much better than maya because it uses nearly all file formats and renders with the same high quality of maya. it is also currently the best way to convert any file format to DXF. download the demo