Programmer wanted for blender point and click adventure rpg

We are a small team of 2 and we are working to make a 3D 3rd person point and click adventure rpg(short of like quest for glory games).

The game will take place on the medieval and will have dark story with humor elements the setting will be a relelative small area on a mountain with areas sutch as village forest cave castle monastery and other medieval themed areas.

We have the expirience on modeling,painting,animation,level desighn but we lack the skills of programing we need someone with programing and blender gamengine expirience to join the team.We are modeling on blender, maya and creating textures with texture maker 2.5 and gimp.

If you are interested contact us for more info and images about the game.This is not paid position,atleast for now if the game is complete and the quality is good enough to be commercial then the earnings will split among the team members.

May I see a walk cycle, and a building? (your art level etc)

i would be happy to help but just a tip if you want to compile it dont use 2.71 use 2.68

hello thank you for your responses
here are some models unfortunatly i have them only rendered in udk not inside blender right now but i will post some more images from blender.As for the walkning animation we are curently working the transaction from maya to blender so it may take some days until we learn the armature functions on blender inversekinematics etc…

Note that udk needs to to build Lights in order to see the correct lighting on the objects so the colors of the textures of the models area little bit diferent

At this i,age the bridge is not complete

Ok, I will write anything you need, but I would suggest looking into blending photos using projected uv mode, I need high quality textures for my own project.

I can write a isometric style point click and navigate, or a stone keep style navigation system but I am more fond of the point click and navigate thing, that and also your going to need a method to display text based on mouse over any, and all gameplay mechanics.(health is easy, inventory can be tricky)

Ai for enemies, etc. I will contribute more the more you try and grow as a artist :smiley:

I have some code laying around, but I code logic and python for the bge.

ok click to navigate is working :smiley: (11 minutes)

the ugly ends of the bridge will not be visible in game terrain will cover them