Programming Demo Reel 2016 - Guilherme Teres

Guys, my Game Developer programming Demo Reel (using BGE).
I hope you enjoy! And don’t forgot to Subscribe and like the video!

PS: Is here the right forum area to post this? Tks.

Conterraneo, parabéns cara. Congratulations man.

go to youtube. check for animation tutorials. learn it. change the animation of your gamecharacters. make a new demoreel. perfect. the animation destroys the really good impression.

2:50 (house editor)
Ahh… that house editor is beautiful. Was prototyping something similar awhile back. I went to great lengths making the corners seamless & good, but in your video it doesn’t look all that bad. Depends on the texture I suppose.

4:05 (third-person platformer)
The third person platformer setup is pretty sweet. Some interpolation on the camera after climbing would make it a lot nicer.

5:26 (trees)
Omg forest rendering. Must have.

7:05 (zombie hoard)
That was actually a rather convincing animation workaround. Didn’t notice at first.

Nice demoreel.


Thanks guy!! I’ll be working more on cameras, to the next demo reel! :smiley:

Sorry, but this is just a Programming demo reel… I’m not an professional animator… :smiley: