Programming Exercise: AC4 Loading Screen

For all those out there who play Assassins Creed, you’ll know their loading screens a very cool.
In particular their latest game black flag had some awesome looking stuff (not sure what to call it:

0:50 -> onwards

0:21 -> 0:45

Anyone out there have any idea how to recreate this in blender. The DoF, lens flares and smoke aren’t too important due to there already being resources for it on this forum. What I really want to know is how they do the dot effect (are they just textures or a glsl script?)

Any feedback or comments are welcome, I have had a few attempts at recreating it but my glsl isn’t too hot.

It looks like a combination of particles and a subdivided plane with an animated height map or simply random z movement of verticies.

You can get a plane, apply a dotty texture (maybe making it animated too would help) then either write script to move the verts or use shape keys or an armature to animate the plane.

There’s a few resources in the resource forum which recreate water movement through vertex manipulation. I’d recommend trying to find them first.

On the other hand, you’re not likely to have a long loading time in a blender game. We don’t have to load from a DVD so we don’t have that bottleneck. You can use dynamic loading (LibLoad) but still you’re not likely to have a loading time of more than a few seconds.

My most complex game, with over 12000 objects took about 10 seconds to load.

Also during the loading of scenes blender locks up, you can’t have a progress bar or other things unless you write a script for loading the scene’s objects bit by bit. In that case you start with an empty scene and start placing objects in there automatically using a placement script set to load a small amount of objects each logic tic. If you start with stuff nearest the camera then people probably won’t even notice that the level is still being loaded.

Attached an example of how the particles could be done. Not sure about the wave effect though


ac4loading.blend (510 KB)

This is incredible! Thank you, I can work on it from here. This gives me some fantastic ideas.

I will post my results when it’s all finished.

I believe the entire effect is just shader code written by some specialist they’re bound to have on board on such project.

Sure, you can make a scene like that in Blender but there’s not much point for “loading screens” as pointed out.

Nice one MrPutuLips!
Thank you for sharing!

@Kheetor: It’s not really about the loading element, more so the visual effect itself.