progress female character

hey here is the progress on my female lead

Looks good. Sort of a medieval housewife character, I guess.

A note on clothing from that era:

most clothing was sewn together from square or rectangular pieces of cloth, fitting was done with darts or pleats. There was very little shaping (cutting) of the actual cloth, and the darts were designed so they could be let out as the owner gained weight.

Edges and hems were reinforced with cloth tape or ribbon (as you have done) for decoration, longer wear and to make it easier to repair.

Sleeves were loose, and were frequently separate articles of clothing, fastened to the bodice with laces at the shoulder.

Clothing that fastened in front was lower class clothing, as upper class ladies or men would have servants to lace up fastenings in the back.

hello . thx for the input , : ) its intenede that this girl is suppose to be in like 17-22 and she is a princess althou she is adopted and not really accepted by her half brothers who thinks she should have dresses on adn do what princesses do. .BUT she wants to be a warrior and fight just like them. therefore she is dressed like this. pants and high end boots and is traingen with an old man in the forrest to be a kick as bowman … :slight_smile:

I thought she looked twenty-something. I suppose she could be as young as 17.

hey so here is an update, an also a little animation piece.

u will find the animation here