Project 2011

Project 2011 is an open 3D animation project we are working on. We are using only Ubuntu, GIMP, Inkscape and Blender of course. Here is our first animatic trailer. Hope you like it ant thanks for comments :o

cool music there. i assume you already have someone handling that.

You mean music? Pity, but no. It’s a “Thunderdome” by Denny Schneidemesser under CC license. We are still looking for some musicians to join our team. :eyebrowlift:

By the way we have some prerendered stills also:

By the way we have prerendered shots two:

then in THAT case, would you have me do the music when you finish some of the video?

Wow! Sounds great! Really liked your work. Great tracks. I will contact you for sure as soon as we will have some finished animations :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your proposal!

you are welcome.