Project 818 Roadster

I made this 3D model for the recent Factory Five design competition. I lost the competition, but I learned a ton of modeling techniques for the wheel, tires, and body. If you have any questions, let me know. Modeled and rendered in 2.57b. Enjoy!


Awesome modeling and presentation!

You lost with that? That must have been one heck of a competition! Nice work!

Nicely done!

Thumbs Up!!!

Fantastic modelling, lighting and presentation.

Thanks for the positive feedback everyone. Would there be any interest in specific tutorials (modeling, rendering, etc)?

Modelling. Definitely.

Also, I had a look at the winning entries. In terms of modelling and sheer all-round quality, you have to wonder what the judges were thinking of. Your entry stands head and shoulders above the winners.

When it comes to considering design, though, the judges were clearly mixing waccy baccy with their crystal meth.

@danilius: Thanks! I tied to make it practical and cheap, which it what I thought they wanted. I still not convenienced they actually got the submission. I really don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I though I should have at least won the HP or SolidWorks “Best Use of CG Award.”

I have some great tutorials planned for the tires and wheels. The tire tread is actually modeled and I tried a new technique (for me) to model the body. Thought about making a video series maybe. Some of the techniques I tried saved me a ton of time. I got the body modeled in a few hours (minus headlamps, taillights).

In which case, tutorials are simply a must. Ideally, separate ones for body, tyres, and then one for misc bits and bobs (i.e. any useful tips or wrinkles that you thought up or came across).

wow, man, impressive everything. Every little thing!
I’ll wait for the tutorials then. They’ll be really useful, i think.
Illumination and materials could be the next one, in case you want to do it.

After reading your words, Ironfuzz, I’d love to see a tutorial about car body modeling.

Nice concept, model, and materials. IMO, the back wheels are a little bit smaller that they should be, but that’s my taste, not a crit. The ligthing it’s not bad, but seems a little bit boring for me. But the thing that needs more work it’s the presentation. The panels looks great, that’s right. But there’s very few information. We miss to see more details, technical draws (this is the plus that could give you solidworks,) , concept draws, things that makes your car different. In fact, you can easily present the same information in just one panel. I don’t know if the contest was a design or a cg competition. But if I took this as a product presentation, it’s still poor.

Anyways, your technical skills are excelent, we are waiting for your tuts :wink:

Nice roadsters, I was curious as to why you don’t win something so I checked out the competition. Tough compo man

@V1k1ngo: I didn’t bother posting all the technical drawings here since this is a Blender forum. I’m just showing off the model renders, not showing the details. The wheels had to be the same size front and back because of the the competition specifications (mostly for cost). Thanks for the feedback.

@tyrant monkey: Thanks! There was some tough compo.

nice work, i like the design and render :slight_smile:

wow thats awesome… just wondering, how did you do the shinyness on the car

Incredible job, no idea on how you can improve imo

Wow ironfuzz, you mean you designed this car form start to finish? I saw many cars models, but not much car designers, especially using blender. pls confess, have you used other car parts to make this one or all is from head? Awesome model and render anyway.
Maybe some wires shoots, pls?

At some requests, I’ve posted some wires, larger clay renders, and my original concept sketch. Sorry for all the images in this thread.

@JoseConseco: Yes, I designed the whole car. I was certainly inspired by some classic Ferrari, Lotus, and Lambo design themes, but telling a women she looks like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe is, in no way, an insult :wink:

@liquid_legs: I made the reflections by using an HDR environment map and putting raytraced reflection (mirror) on the paint material. Pretty simple, really. It’s all about using a map that looks good in the reflections. I found the map I used for this project on