Project Acro Racing looking for environmental modelers!

Currently, Blue Comet Games is searching for a few good environmental modelers and animators to assist in our game, currently titled Acro Storm. This project is being developed in the Unity 3D engine.

Acro Storm is a high speed weapons racer, similar in spirit to games such as WipEout, Extreme G Racing, and F-Zero (although the last has no weapons, it’s certainly fast). Featuring a cast of characters with expressive and individual personalities, we intend to have a game that entices with both fun gameplay and narrative.

The characters in question are generally rather expressive and are vocal. The art style is more cel-shaded/toonist than anything else- in particular to be akin more to Ratchet and Clank/Jak and Daxter sort of fare.

Here’s a bit of a WIP (really more of just a physics test and such. )

Moreso, here’s some pieces of concept art for some of the characters:

This is volunteer based- there’s no payment involved except for possible royalties should one stay until the end of the project.
If interested, feel free to contact me via PM or at [email protected].
Sorry if the post is big. Thank you for your time.

Bumping for vastly updated materials. Screenshots, movies, and more. Still require character modelers. Also a website at

looks cool, but i am really getting annoyed with people posting unity progects on a blender forum.

Sorry. Wasn’t aware that there was a ‘Blender Game Engine only’ rule in place.

There are no rules that say this is a specific BGE forum. The only thing that says anything about BGE is the forum description “Collaborate on Blender Game Engine projects”. There is no other area for NON BGE games to ask for assistance from the Blender community. I also have a non BGE project which is not using unity, but a flavor of OpenGL for the web. If you are doing a project that can use blender for most of everything else besides BGE, is a game, and you want to publicize to blender artists there is no other forum that I know of to do that. Also there are no rules about it specifically being a BGE project in the about sticky, but talks about collab projects. If a modeler can still use blender for what he needs and export the model to the proper format for the team then what is the problem? seriously. This is an area for recruitment, and imo should not be limited to just BGE.

@kendrick1397 ohh this is not directed at you. Just get frustrated with people knocking a project because it is not using BGE. :slight_smile:

dont get me wrong, i think this looks like a very good game, i to use unity from time to time, but if i were making a team game i would post in the game engine’s forum, such as the unity forums.

I don’t understand the expectation… How are people with other game engines (non-BGE) suppose to get exposure to artists if they don’t leave a game engine forum (to a forum that has artists)? How are artists here that might be interested in contributing that never visit the unity forum suppose to know a game like this exists? I’m just honestly curious.

@ Prominence: Character art is cool, I like it, alot! The bike test was fun too, lot of promise here.

I second Quandtum. Blender artists frequent this area and there are a lot of open ended bge projects that never get finished not because of bges fault but for some reason. lets take a project like this, he already has a lot more then most people and is showing work that he has done. I think hes done a lot thus far. How would he get any talented modelers if he does not post on a modelers forum. This fits that area, except for the forums description. Which I think should be changed from BGE to just a general team project, or rather make another forum and move active non BGE threads to that area? I am for the latter as much as i am for the former. :smiley: would be nice at least… separate the BGE projects from the other engine projects to save from confusion…

I don’t usually jump on the make a new board bandwagon but agree,

(from another similar thread) I think would be excellent, it would be all encompassing.

We (the community) should politely ask a moderator to consider this (with the other moderators). The number of could be good opportunity threads are running away to dark places…

Anyways, putting the thread back on track now…

I agree quandtum, its why i suggested two options :). I unfortunately can do no more then web development and some simple modeling.

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the support!

Also, now we’re needing some environmental artists. Added some concept art so you could get an idea for it.

Update on some progress! Character modeled!

WOW really looking cool.

Making me jealous.

Wish i could be that good some day.

Great guys keep going.

As per as my view about UNITY -Blender discussion, i would suggest that you game must have at;east some element made out of blender.

AS this is a dedicated community for Blender artist so i guess it must have something associated with Blender.

Although my hats up for the quality of game.

Well, that’s why I’m posting it here. Was hoping to get some good Blender artists onboard that could model for us.