Project "Advisor"

In the research complex “Advisor”, built a test version of the robot tank of the same name to-order military.
The first light version is equipped with light weapons that can move through the stone of the area and the city.

Blender 100%.

Full set on Artstation.

It looks really amazing. There’s a lot of neat close ups here showing off all those features. I’m curious as to how big one of these tanks would be if it actually existed in terms of measurements. Would it be like the size of a regular tank or would it be the size of a Jaeger (Pacific Rim, think giant robots) rampaging across the city?

I am impressed ! Great job !!!


2 meters high.

Clay render:

awesome! I love all the little itty bitty ticks.

Modelling is well done.

Awesome work :eek:

Extremely nice! Only thing that would add to this would be an environment (post apocalyptic/urban warfare).