Project Announcement

Hello everyone. I’m new to the forums and Blender, but I thought I’d quickly announce two projects I’m working on. The first is simple: up to four players control a ball, and try to knock the other players off of a platform. The winner is the last one left on the platform. I know it’s been done, but I think it’s a good start.

The second project is MUCH more ambitious. I’ve noticed that there has never, ever been an “amateur” wrestling game. Real wrestling. So, I’ve decided to make one. Obviously, my first models won’t be very detailed, and the moves won’t be very smooth. But it’s been my plan for some time to make a game like this, and now Blender has given me the tools to do it.


\Hi there and welcome to the forums,

Now useally people who post these talk about how there gona make an MMORPG as there first game, i see your starting off smaller which is good,

Simple game to start with is allways the best way to go, but the wresling game will require python and/or really good logic, also these posts are pretty pointless if you have nothing to show us or dont need any help, i suggest you read these 2 articals:

Click - About posting about your game.
Click - Some tips on making your game & not letting it die or you loose track.

Well good luck,


yeah, diito braveheart. Welcome and good luck.
its true, Ive never seen(or heard of) a wrestling game for blender…
Very unique
peace, and again, Good Luck


I did read the “before you post” thread. I’ve been programming for five years, so I’m not really getting ahead of myself here. I’ve been thinking about how to implement things, when you can perform certain moves and how I would code it. I understand my limitations. However, I have never dealt with 3D programming before, so I’m using this mainly as a learning tool. The best way to learn is through practical experience.

Excellent, welcome. Maybe you can help make your mark on blender one day.:slight_smile:

Wait there was an old one… hmmm… what was it called? Oi “Brawler” something like that…lookied pretty cool!

Yes! Another highly experianced programmer!

Ditto (you can hear that alot on these forums) :smiley: