project curve on surface

Hallo all

I have a terrain and i want to add a road to it.
is it possible to add a curve and from top view to project it on the surface ?

another question, is there any measurement tool in blender ?
now i’m just adding a plane at the size i need, but there must be a better way.


Yes it is possible via different methods. You could even draw road on that surface using Grease Pencil tool - Bsurfaces addon; Shrinkwrap modifier; Snap modes are some to use.

There’s no measurement tool like e.g. ruler in G Sketchup. It is possible to set show Edge lengths in N-panel; then in edit mode insert/add temporarily edge between points you need to measure. Edge lenght will be shown for selected.

I’ll check the Grease tool


What a timesaver!
I use the array- and curve-modifier to generate the street out of a single meshsegment. The result can then be projected onto a surface, thats great.