Project Eve: Image Four Uploaded

Well, I am working on my first semi-organic looking model. I will have a first look coming early tomorrow, but until then she needs a name. I plan for her to be beautiful/cute, but the robot’s purpose will be to fight off full armies. The image I have in my head is big right now, so I hope to get it the look I have in mind.

So for a name I have the following thoughts:

Or anything else you may suggest. You can look any of these names up on I really want an interesting name that could be slightly ironic.

More to come.

I’d go with Evetta but leave off the ta on the end so it would just be Evet. This can make it easier to remeber plus can have a meanong as well.

Sasha is male :slight_smile:

And it is difficult to give the name without looking at her


Stephano: Sasha can go either way. It is the pet form of Alexander/Alexandra in Russia. I don’t know about other countries, but in America I have never heard a guy name Sasha, but know of a few women, so it does work for a female.

Image One:
Once I get the back of the head started, I will extend flesh over the neck. The same goes for the arms, as flesh will extend over that ball shoulder. I think that the red “top” needs to be a slightly darker shade to get the effect I want, but that will come later.
Spec is too high on the skin, so no need to tell me that.

Coming Up:
The face
The abdomen (seams will need to be very “careful” there)
Arms (or not, ya know it would be really nice for her to not beat the snot out of you for now)

She does look “cute” so far :slight_smile: Nice blend of robotic and humanoid elements.
I think the skin should look a little too plastic-y, to show it’s artificial.

i knew a guy from italy named sasha.

cool lookin robot, has a kinda mystery science theatre 3000 look goin for it currently.

I do plan to give her clothes other than that “shirt”. I plan to (once I have the legs started) add a coat that will reach down to her knees, and have no sleeves. The coat will have two straps that will connect in front, opening and inch or two to show what is under it. I also plan on a micro-mini skirt, and at least one tattoo. I am working on the face right now, but likely will not post that until I have it nearly done with all the mechanical aspects. That should be later today if I keep the speed that I have obtained right now. I am working on ideas for the eyes right now, because I have mechanicle eyelids that need to be able to move in and out, yet I want a fleshed out socket around the eyes from the outside. Maybe I should start some doodles to help me. lol

I__: What I am going for is just that. I want an slightly mechanical robot that has this humanistic beauty. Though, being a battle-ready (oh, maybe the name Alphonsa) robot, she will have some areas of her “flesh” torn to show metal bones and other aspects of her mechanicle self.
She should also be cute, because that leaves her enemies expecting her the very least likely to cause harm. :slight_smile:

cvdG: I know that the name Sasha can be masculin, but I have yet to meet a man named Sasha. As I said it is a pet form of Alexander. Though I prefer the nickname of Xander of Sasha, I guess it is just a cultural thing.
I have never heard of this “Science Theatre 3000”, but I do promise that I am creating my own style and look for this mechanical appliance.

Good start,

could work a little more on details of top chest… cannot call then shoulders :wink:

I’ve anly known male sashas… well, after all I know USers consider Andrea a female name…


Stephano: I am the first to admit that the English language takes words and names from other languages and obscures the meanings and genders. That is why I love to study language and etymology, it gives me the pleasure of knowing better. lol
Why can’t you call them shoulders? They work just the same as the bone ones do, but take damage better. :slight_smile:

The face is coming along, so I thought a teaser was due for you all. I am thinking that I may model a small portion of the nose, but the rest may be seen through to a mechanical part. The lips are a definate must have, but the inside of the mouth will me modeled as mechanical. A cut on her left cheek will show the metal jaw bone and joint, and a seam will go from the top of her nose up and around the top of her head and back to the neck, which will link to the seam of the back.
Well, here is the head nearly completely done. Currently it is comely symetrical, but that will change when I start ripping into the left cheek and start adding the robotic jaw bone/joint. Also to be made are the teeth (fully mechanical), nose (to be partly mechanical), neck connection (partly mechanical), and a few more pieces for the head. Then I think I will target the arms. I have ideas for the hands, put we’ll see if I can exacute them as such.

C&C welcome

that’s looking quite good! nice work!

Nice model so far! I’ll be watching this one…

I like the name Esha. It’s ‘desire’ in Sanskrit.

Very nice :slight_smile:

So robotic jaws?

Yup, they are shoulders, but I was rather thinking to top brest and claviculae, she’s quite ‘flat’ there and if that’s an organic or so part maybe some hint of claviculae?

Keep us updated


Stephano: Yeah, I need to get that fixed to get it to look better. The skin is actually supposed to be skin over mechanical aspect, as that will become evident later, so it is supposed to look “human”-like but there is not nessessarily a bone there. I will work on that though.
Yes, robotic jaws. I have yet to figure out how I want her tongue to look. lol

Eva: Yes, I do not know Sanskrit, have a friend with a Sanskrit name (Chanda), so I do like the names. I found that one and thought it good for this female bot.

Modron: Glad you like it so far. Much work and ideas have gone into this so far, but today I am breaking for my entry for the WC Impossible. My organic modelling study is helping me out big time. lol You’ll love it.
Jaw mechanics added
Nose fixed up
Eyes fixed up
Lips needed (lol)

bump Comments? Suggestions of a name?