Project from View doesn't seem to be accurate

I modeled this scene using a video and tracking data

As you can see here, it matches the real scene passably

I use the original image (which has a resolution of 1898 x 1077, the same as the render-output) and project my model from view. Then F6 and turning of Aspect Ratio Correction.

Unfortunately the resulting object looks like this (from the view of the same camera)

I would expect the model to look exactly like the image I used to texture it, since I don’t moved the camera, but the fence doubles and the windows on the roof too. Did I something wrong?

usually your image size should be twice the render dimensions!
to get a nice render !

try it and see how it goes !


that’s really something to consider, but it doesn’t seem to fix my problem

can you upload pics so we can see what the problem is !


oh “mypic” doesn’t seem to show my pics. I uploaded it to my webspace and changed the urls. Now you can see the problem in the first post.

there is a method for camera mapping did yu follow it ?

and the blender camera must be set to same values then the picture was taken
cause the perspective effect would change the render and not fit the model!

there is a page but cannot find it for camera mapping

here is one wiki page giving some tips but that’s not the one for camera mapping


go this script to help do UV mapping

  • this aligns image to object allowing for that image project on object from camera

but that is not what i had in mind
there is another one
sorry i’m still trying to locate it !


The camera is set to the same values. And someone pointed me in the right direction: I have to subdivide the mesh to get more accurate results.
But thank you a lot for your help Ricky. And I’ll take a close look at the camera-mapping method. Is it this page?

yup that’s the one !LOL

i’ll take note of that one !

if you have anything else
come back anytime


you can do this via modifiers if needed… the subdivision modifier adding in the simple subdivisions & the UV project to change the UV’s (just remember to set the aspect ratio in the UV project modifier aswell)