project grace | finished

This was for a commercial project: images to go on the packaging for a brand of bed linen. Here are three of my favourites:

And a couple of more:

Thanks for the feedback given on the WIP thread.

Thank you



This is some amazing work. Very realistic.

Can the drapes actually be animated? I see them at different points in the different images and I wouldn’t think you model them separate for each one but maybe you did. If they do have the ability to be animated a tutorial would be awesome.

Keep up the great work.

This looks great~
I like the first two pics, I think you have the ability to create a bigger bedroom with more details~
Indigo or internal?

thanks. It’s indigo. it’s great it’s free even for commercial use.

Hey old friend!
Nice work, I’m glad your moving up!

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Thanks Everyone for the Appreciation.

Wow all of them look fantastic (I do espicially like the child-room :slight_smile: ).