Project Horizon Revisited

Some may remember my old Project Horizon thread from a long time ago. I decided to pick up the project again for a school art project. Here is what I have so far.


Critiques needed. I know I have a very simple render . . . but I don’t like a lot of clutter (and also because I stink at modelling detail).

Been thinking about adding a hanger entrance at the base of the mountain and have the ship flying out of it.

what is it?
and what is “project horizon?”

Clouds are fairly good but you could do with less obvious shadowing; with those shadows it looks more like smoke. There’s no shadow from the ship.
Maybe you could add real rocks instead of the sharp-edges-with-shade?
It would also be nice to see some movement, maybe another craft in the background with motion blur?


Project Horizon is a ficticious(sp) science fiction craft I invented. It is powered by subatomic magnetic repulsion.

I used the cloud method proposed by Cog. . . It works really well, in some situations. How would I turn down the shadowing? Maybe post-pro . . .

Do you mean like separate rock meshes? What do you mean by sharp-edges-with-shade? Are you referring to the first or the second picture? (The mountain mesh is a mesh imported from World Machine.)

I had planned two to three craft in an early idea. . . a formation flying over some old wreckage of another spacecraft. The whole scene would be motion blurred except for the formation (that would be crystal clear).

How would I turn down the shadowing? Maybe post-pro . . .

Is TraShad on? or a lamp from below.

What do you mean by sharp-edges-with-shade?

Both pics, all those sharp edges that are throwing shadow, especially below the ship in the close-up pic where you can see the faceted mesh. It would just look so much more ‘real’ if each of them (or at least most of the obvious ones) were replaced with mesh with material completely different from the snow.


My main point of critique would be the sense of scale: it’s not present. I’m really having trouble determining whether I’m looking at a ship the size of the Empire State building or the size of a drop of water.

By the way, I thinking creating that entrance in the mountain would add to the image. It would also to help get a sense of scale.