Project Illusion help needed

Once again, I’m requesting a bit of help for my newest project Project Illusion

Usually I try not to get outside help, but because of the size of this project I cannot complete it on my own.

Project Illusion will be a full length movie, all done in 3d. The concepts behind the story and events within the film, are mostly based on real events and research. However, while the concept is great and the basic story is good, the details are a bit sparatic…

So here’s what I need. I need some creative people to help me develop the story for Project Illusion. Unfortunatly, because the basic plot is rather secretive, and is easily ruined, I cannot give out many details to the community… I can only release major information to people working on the project with me.

I will however, give you a line from the opening monolouge of the trailer I am working as a way to get people interested.

“But what happens, when a lie becomes the truth, and the falliscious veil is lifted? What do you do, when what was once fantasy becomes reality and everything you know begins to crumble? How do you escape a dream… when you cannot wake up?”

This line gives some pretty good hints as to the main focus of the film, but you have to figure out what it is really about for yourselves.

But beyond the basis of the story and the basic concept, I have not been able to develop a story. So I’d like to assemble a few people so that we can come up with a good story that will blow people away!!!

as with any of my requests, they are volunteer and unpaying. I, nor anyone working on this, will be making any profit from this project. I just want to tell a story that people will enjoy.

Thankyou in advance for help.

you can either contact me on here, or at [email protected]