project Lisa

Hello Guys wanted to share this with.

Have been a struggle and I have gotten alot of advice along the way, but here is the finished result, hope u guys and girls like it.

here is my artstation if anybody feels like following its very welcome… : )




some more…

some more…

Great job on this girl, she is sweet !

You did a fantastic effort! She end up really really nice! She is just… The perfect girlfriend!

Thx threeslider :slight_smile:

Thank u Tona, u had alot to do with the ending result! Really greatful, Tona is a champion on anatomy if Anybody wonders!

nice work man ! the wip was very enjoyable !

Wow man this is so great man, I like it, so much, How did you manged to make the hair take the same look you want, I’ve been trying to this for over a week now, and I can’t seem to make it happens, Beside did you made the skin by your self or did you use a real skin

Malholsi, Thank u, ye the Wip was fun :slight_smile: Thank u Agien.

Hello Alf0, Thank u very much, well i Think i remade the hair about 30times so its just time I guess :). The skin was a combination of real texture and paint from My side :slight_smile: cheers

So you just comb it antel you girl what you want?

Nice work. What plugin you used for the hair?:rolleyes:

Nice job man!

Alf0 yes alot of combing , i used 4 different hair Particles to make it easier.
hello foxrender, and thx , :slight_smile: well no plugin just the hair particles :slight_smile:

thank u Elieli :slight_smile:

Great thanks

no problem alf0