Project Mango needs your support

Time to start the project is fast approaching but the DVD sales have not reached their goal… Let’s all get behind this project anyway we can. Ton has released a press release as well as other goodies to help spread the word.

With over a million downloads a year, let’s show our appreciation for this marvelous tool by contributing in one way or another to it’s continued development.

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Was the DVD pre-sale target as high during the Durian?

I’m really surprised it hasn’t reached it’s goal yet, perhaps if they had just a funding target with the possibility to donate from 5 / 10 euro would help as a lot of kick starter projects seem to garner huge support in short amounts of time with this type of payment set up.

Looking at that concept illustration of the street with overhead pod cars it would be funny to see a lone cyclist up there too.
In the matter of funding I might be imagining it but I think the number of people in the community is down from what it has been.
Perhaps people are buying at the same percententage as previous but fewer people are around/aware of it.
These are lean economic times too for many people.

I’m personally not quite as surprised as others may be, project Durian left a bad taste in the mouth of some who have watched it so they may be exercising a bit more caution to make sure they will be a good product in return for their investment.

However, I’m liking how the initial asset tests are already avoiding the ‘game engine’ look seen in Durian. So it already looks like the movie will have significantly better visuals simply because the Cycles engine (which will only get better as it will likely need a high amount of development to satisfy the demands of the project)

If you want to raise awareness, why not create a FB page? At least for starters.

Like this?

Google plus:


But thanks for the suggestions.

For those who can’t afford the price of the DVD but want to contribute something can!

Just make a note of what you would like your contribution to be used for.:slight_smile:

Not every contribution requires money. Just getting the word out is what I am hoping to achieve. Sorry for the overbearing tone of my comments. I do have to mind my place. Have a great day .

Double post


I’ll probably pre-order the DVD, so that’ll be my contribution. :slight_smile:

Just a quick side note here, Mango was featured as a news story on Feb 12th at CG Society’s website. This might help sales as well.


Here it is. :slight_smile:

Sadly I think I am falling in that group and the concept art for this particular movie is not helping. The all look like super rushed works like thumbnail drawings done on a larger scale.

cool! nice to see the project getting noticed outside the blender community :slight_smile:

Though I am increasingly impressed in relation to the creativity and productivity of the Blender Institute, I am reluctant to purchase a copy of the associated DVD of the “Mango Open Movie Project” because of concerns in relation to the direction of the film. Particularly I am worried by evident complexity of the plot in comparison to the predetermined time length target. In addition to the difficulty of conveying the central themes and narrative of the film, a substantial reliance upon low budget dialogue may produce similar failings to Ian Hubert’s previous project “Project London”. It is important to realise that superb cinematography can express the narrative much more pleasingly then poor dialogue. I.e. the principle of the proverb “A picture is worth one thousand words”. Furthermore the obvious potential for current and future attempts by the team to lengthen the time length of the film to compensate for the complexity of the plot will produce issues experienced by “Sintel”, particularly in the completion of the project in relation to the development of Blender during the period. In conclusion, concerns in relation to the project could be substantially lessened by obeying the time length target, reducing the complexity of the plot, and little reliance upon dialogue in favour of reliance upon cinematography and the potential of Blender.

I applaud the open movie process that the Blender Institute is adopting for the promotion and development of Blender and am supporting the projects whether any individual movie is to my personal taste or not.

I bought all 3 previous DVDs without hesitation and without regret and did the same for Mango. For me, the short film productions are not about the finished product but about the journey getting there (a nice finished product is of course a big bonus!!). I love it when I see development ramping up and new stuff appearing during the development process and I eagerly await the new developments this time around!.

For my own, I enjoyed all previous movies from the Blender Institute, as well as the DVD bonuses. I
ordered late this year because I have been sick at the end 2011/beginning 2012, but I ordered the Mango DVD as well.

I would like to say Hello to the Mango Team if someone comes here, and also that I purchased the DVD the 10 of february, but I don’t see my name in the credits list :frowning:

I tried to report this trouble in the fields at the bottom of the credits list, but the pages closes and doesn’t save my post.
I tried from several computers and the trouble seems coming from side. I’m sorry !

Could someone put an eye on this, please ?
Thanks in advance.
Best regards,

EDIT : I got a response from Blender shop. Anja wrote me that it was due to a bug. Maybe some other people are also concerned. The list will be corrected later.

good idea about spreading the awareness…v can do that…