Project Mecha with 2 texture packs and 2 physic simulations

Hi everybody, I would like to share my latest 3D model and the animations made by Kürşat Sökmen.
Like many geeks I love Sci-Fi and robots. Also I was thinking dive into hard surface modeling and texturing so I just felt like I have to create a MECHA immediately : D

First of all, I collected some referance renders even though I didn’t use much : D After thinking process I started to design the 3D model with Blender. Suddenly I wanted to check some hard surface addons such as HOPS, Boxcutter and Fluent to know if I can create more intense hard surface design.

I unwrapped the UV map by trying to get a more than decent texel denisty.

After modeling and UV unwrapping parts I was so excited to gear up and creating textures in Substance 3D Painter. I couldn’t even satisfy with 1 texture pack so I made one more texture pack. After that I was feeling even more excited because Kürşat Sökmen said that I can rig your model and even retarget some animations.

He had litereally gave a life to my mecha model. He managed to retarget 3 different animations to custom mecha rig. Huge thanks to Kürşat Sökmen you can find his links in the bottom.

Animations were looking very good, I just hyped and wanted to increase the bet by creating some fraction physic simulations and VFX. Actually I was thinking to create a scene and put more effort before sharing but couldn’t wait : D Please consider some parts are work in progress.

Here you can check the results, I would like to hear from you.

Kürşat Sökmen:
Alp Eren Özbay:

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