Project Mindbreak: Coder and texturer needed!

Hello, fellow artists. 7 months ago, I had a “wonderful” idea about a story. It was vague, sketchy and without many details. At the same time, I noticed something else in the FPS games in general. Many games have a set of common features. The most important 2 I’ve noticed are ammo and health counters, and crosshairs, among other HUD elements. Mainly the HUD. Sure, there are exceptions (CoD, Killing Floor, dunno about ArmA). Seeing that no games lacked a HUD, I decided that the story was going to turn into the singleplayer of a game, and a FPS. And that it wasn’t going to have a HUD. Among other elements. During the next 7 months, I went on to draw concepts and model weapons, writing other components of the game. Didn’t do much since I was on school most of the time and I didn’t administer my time well.

Enough of that. On to the game. Project Mindbreak (name subject to changes) is a multiplayer and singleplayer FPS, on the Unity 4.2 engine (free) that aims to break the routine of modern games, by using more realistic elements that won’t destroy gameplay. For example:

  • Weight system - I know, this appears often on RPGs, but it hasn’t been used on FPSs. As far as I can tell, at least. You can carry with you as many items as you want, like weps, ammo packs, medkits, etc. This affects your speed gradually.
  • Fitness system - Now this is more interesting. The more a player’s character runs, the longer and faster it will go. Same for strength and damage resistance.
  • TF2-esque backpack and in-game currency – Cosmetics and weapons will be achieved through an in-game currency obtained by killing and accomplishing objectives.

And here’s a taste of the story:

Gale Thornton is an economist that lives in New York in 2035. He speculated with oil prices on the economical crisis that was generated because of the decrease in oil reserves around the world.
Gale did a massive damage economically to millions of people, but he doesn’t feel any remorsment.
But an encounter with an old friend and a time trip will change his mind. Forever.

Now, thing is, I am a modeller. Been using Blender for the past 2 years now and I think I got somewhat decent. But I know nothing about scripting, some texturing, and not a lot of Unity. This is definitely not one of those tryhard one-man games like the beginning of Minecraft or all of the development of YSFlight. And that’s why today I am posting here. The following positions are needed:

  • Game Mechanics C Sharp Progammer – Nearly nothing is done, only the very basics on JS. Will take care of all the scripting necessary.Translating from JS to C Sharp would be a bonus.
  • Texture Artist – Will take care of making the diffuse maps as well as baking other maps like the normal and specular ones.

If you join me, you will be a full member of the dev team, and will have a good share on the final launch and Kickstarter campaign done on the alpha stage of the game. I’m only asking for these two positions now because the game is in a very early stage and don’t need all that people right now. As the game gets done, more positions will be open.
If you want to apply, post down below with a sample of your work if you are a texturer, or add me on Skype: Rise and Shine.

Bumped and edited, info about singleplayer.