project: RACE
Project: RACE is my attempt to make a racing-game. Never been done by me before.
The game is based on that nice tutorial-file about makin’ a car with pythonscript.
I can a very little python, So this will be new things to me.

Well, for the first time, I´m not gonna target to finish the game itself, rather make it simple, and improve, improve… and improve some more… adding stuff and gather skills from the project.

This is the alpha-version 1.0,
Update features: Two new maps: one stunttrack, inspired from Stunt car racer, and a far from ready city-map.
I also made a menu-system.

Funny is that the car is a replica of my old car in real life, I sold it by the way…
And the parkinglot excist in RL too, in sweden, in my town.

The control´s in this game:
W - Gas forward
S - Break
A and S - turn left and right.
Spacekey - handbreak

change cam with key1 and key2 ( not these in the numpad)

Download here alpha 1.0

Some help with the car-enginesound would be nice… So the sound pitch up or something then the car accelate, and change gear… I think this can be best done with python.

And some speed-o-meters and stuff in HUD, not very important… I belive this feature is a bit overrated in many racinggames. But it´s better with some stuff than without… I think.

damage is fun… but it will probably be implented later…

But as I said… If u got any “make-eninge-sounds-good-script”, plz, share it with me…
I will not deny anyone to join the project ether.

Now! Enjoy the third update of this alpha-project

Hmm, well nice to see someone else tackling the racing games! Though I’ll warn you, they are difficult, and AI will be even harder…

A couple of quick tips. Set gravity to full, and in your script make the power for forwards motion -1800 not -800. You should notice a difference immediately.

Good luck!

That is a good bit of Fun. I love the Volvo and the ideal of using real cars for a race game. I was able to get the Volvo to do a great wheelie, that is until I ran off the map. Good luck with the rest of the game.

Looks cool! I have models if you want, buildings and signs and such. PM me if you want them.

I think this would be really nice if you don’t have the traditional race track, but instead make it a street racing game.

its not a race track :smiley:

I was playing around with your file a bit :wink: here it is. you don’t have to use it at all, but I figured since it’s yours and I edited it I should at least give it to you :wink:

really well done

looks great, but if you ever need an aston martin:;11698070;/fileinfo.html

Thx for all the posts…
Jesusfrk14: I saw u changed the ground-texture, and lowered the car… I wonder what else did u do? Probably not gonna use it though since I already started to design on a betterlooking volvo-model, and I gonna change the texture anyway later anyway.
But I found out the car flipping for me if I lower it, u succed to lower it and not makin it flip…

The blenderrizer: I checked out ur aston martin… wheel, maybe implent later, nice modell… but need some work with the texture… U did the same modelling-n-texturestyle as my volvo…
Play around with photoshop with that texture, it will do alot… besides that, it´s a nice model.

Farthioner: Probably gonna test my forward on this one… with several courses… some street-themed, and some classical raceway… but I like the idea to keep it streetrace…

What I´m gonna do right now is to improve my volvo-model, and then develop one raceway… probably street-themed, with shorecuts and stuff…

That parkinglot I have now will be a playground… probably with ramps and stuff to play around with…

EDIT: tb1alex: Nice tip to raise the gravity, and add more power to the car… the real car is not that fast… but in this game, not a proper simulator anyway… add alot FUN!.. So I gonna use it.

Thats ok :wink: and that is all I changed.

Yuo could try the new servo controls, since with them you can apply a force to the car ina a way that it will accelerate till a maximum velocity, if not you will get the infinite acceleration given by the normal forces :stuck_out_tongue:

At least that’s what I heard, I don’t know how to use it tough.

Will check it out very soon. Any more info about this stuff? :cool:

Behold! A new volvo-3dmodel under progress… Gonna use this instead of my primitive poor one. You can here see one day work, and the most hard work is done ( I hope ), not sure how difficult the textures gonna be, never made a complex model before ever!

Im not critizing your game Mr Yeahman. Its awesome and Im pleased somebody trying to make racing games, heres a new conscript. Create city + other traffic = resolution is, it is an Car Simulator.

People can drive in cities they are fancied about always.

Im meaning game like Euro Truck Simulator 2008. I could help with modelling.

Just my 2 cents.

Would be cool, but it would also be a very hard work and scripting all the traffic…
I´m on for city-themed racingtracks, flatout2-style, but a whole city, like midway madness is to much for me right now… I´ve got no straigth plans for this project… but the first serious map I gonna make is a racingcourse, city-themed… right after my model is done.

A whole city… well… maybe in future.

I have tons of buildings if you want, if not thats ok.

car model looking nice! make an interior and everything and have an interior view!

Looking good Yeahman!

Cities can be made of textured cubes, and planes in the distance. I’ve never tried to do it, but you could make maybe 20 building textures and that would be fine. You are not trying to compete with GTA here, so a few buildings and some basic props - mail boxes, street lights, paper machines etc would cut it.
I have some building facades on my texture site you are welcome to use. Also tons of windows, doors and walls you can arrange into facades. See my signature for the site. Haven’t played the game yet. Will try it now.

Fun game - well, lots of potential. I love how the volvo does a wheelie when you break and turn at the same time. The wheels turn as well. Nice detail. I’d give the car a fake shadow by parenting a transparent alpha map to the car, just a hair above the ground. Needs a cheesy sound track as well. Maybe you could have a race against other crappy cars, like volvo vs. datsun honeybee. Damage would rock.