Project: small

Hey everyone,

Here’s a link to my new gameblender project: small:

I’m keeping it at, because 1. to keep everyone updated more easily, 2. to keep myself organized and 3. to help prevent myself from abandoning it.

If you’re experienced and think you would make a positive contribution to this effort, please let me know (and send some example work too :wink: ).

Thank you,

Any comments/questions???

If anyone is interested in joining this effort, please e-mail me:

[email protected]

If you could, please send pics or models so I can see your style and/or experience. I am also looking for some writing talent for the script.

Thank you,

Interesting concept.

The next time you make a library of meshes, do it all in one blend file, with the different objects on different layers or in different scenes. It s a bit of a pain to keep opening up a new blend file to see a different item.