Project UV map, Texture or whatever technic to copy the texture from A to B - help


I have an object A with the texture i like (let’s say a clothe) . I have an object B (let’s say part of an human body ). I would like paint B so it looks like A (paint the part of the body like the cloth)

For the moment, i know something similar but for mesh (shrink warp modifier) . Beside this, I know that’s also possible to use a picture to help paint (typical project the picture of an human face on head mesh)

But i want it to be even more easy. I want to put object A (the clothe) around the part of the body (B) then make B have the same texture display (regardless the 2 mesh are different in polygons but simply look a bit similar in their shape) . I want A to paint B without having to recreate a new UVmap for B .

I want something like a “Shrink wrap” modifier, but for texture/material. I hope my question is clear :smiley:

It’s possible ?

For exemple, If i want to simply use a picture to help paint (picture of an human face on a head mesh) ; i need to use the “Stencil” Brushing mapping mode

But would be cool to use the texture of a 3d head to directly paint another one.

Vertex painting seems to be a direction (as it doesnt need to UV map) . It’s possible to paint on B through object A (object A will act like a brush)

There is a python command bpy.ops.object.data_transfer. Not sure if it is exposed with all parameters somewhere, but I use it like this inside a script:

                                            use_freeze=False, data_type='UV', use_create=True, vert_mapping='NEAREST', 
                                            edge_mapping='NEAREST', loop_mapping='NEAREST_POLYNOR', poly_mapping='NEAREST', 
                                            use_auto_transform=False, use_object_transform=True, use_max_distance=False, 
                                            max_distance=1.0, ray_radius=0.0, islands_precision=0.1, layers_select_src='ACTIVE',
                                            layers_select_dst='ACTIVE', mix_mode='REPLACE', mix_factor=1.0)

What is this doing exactely and how to use it ? What should we understand by “data transfer” ?

Everything about texturing, materials and all about nodes are really not my cup of tea

On the other hand i see there’s something like an “UV project” modifier . I was wondering if this can help me… I’m not even sure if what im asking make sense or not :slight_smile:

You could also use the selected to active baking mode:


using these settings, select your clothes, then select your body and press bake.

You will need a image texture selected in your body’s material, and you body needs to be unwrapped first.

can you help me finding a youtube video on this subject ? Because, i’m so noob with this subject i don’t even know the context.

thx. i tried. But the result is a mess. My target mesh is more complex (body) than the textured object (cloth). This could be the problem ? My 2 meshes are more complex than the houses in the video

Modify modifiers could help me with my problem ?