Project Warstorm-X Openings

Hey… um I always hate posting these messages because I’m worried it may be against your rules. If so then I ask that someone delete this post. If it’s not against the rules then I’ll discuss why I’m posting this message.

I am the leader of Project Warstorm-X. We are a group of gamers who have decided to create our own game. It’s a big task and we’ve been told several times we won’t pull it off. Our members are very dedicated people who want to see this project finished.

I am here because I need more 3D Graphics Designers. I need people to create the world in which the player will see. You are not limited, and you may be as creative as you wish. If you are interested in joining us then I ask that you send me an email at [email protected] You must include your name and a sample of your work would be great. I don’t care if your a pro or a complete noob. All I care is that if you don’t know what we need you to know, then you must be willing to learn it.

We intend to learn alot from this project but most importantly have fun at it.

Thank You,
Taylor (Odin)

P.S. Again I’m sorry if this is against your forum rules.

Oh I completely forgot. We are creating a Sci-fi/War game. It’s a story about two neighboring planets enganged in a war. That’s all I’ll release about the story.

Yeah… I’ll be the nice guy and tell you that the people on this board are going to rip you to shreds if you don’t have anything to show yet.

Go code an engine, do some concept art, make a plot, put some ideas on paper. We get tons of these ‘projects’ here that never get off the ground.

“I need more 3D Graphics Designers” lol i love statements like that on here

anyways as said above u need some actual SHOW of PROGRES on this,

by reading that what i can figure out so far is that u had an idea (just like millions of others seen on here) that will probobly isnt gona get nowhere. and that U actualy have no 3d knowledge but want every 1 to develop YOUR game

but thats what i can figure out from the msg

my suggestion will be to just join an already developing game

Lol I understand. We don’t have anything to “show,” yet. I plan to have an engine demo by the first Monday in December. We have a story, we have a plot we have a setting, we have the first level mapped out. It just needs to be modeled. We will not release the story yet because our story team is quite proud of what they’ve come up with so far and they’d prefer not to release it so it may be stolen :). The project has been up for a little less than a month but most of the team has been together for years. Most of us are from a Starcraft Clan known as Warstorm.

We are making a standalone from the Quake 3 engine. So, we’re not having to create our own. Although the engine is under Heavy modification. I would love to show some images from the game but we only have 2 3D Graphics Designers and we havn’t gotten much accomplished yet because that’s not our areas. Though if we have to we’ll continue until I find someone who wants to do 3D for the team. At the moment all we’ve been able to model is a coilgun, a column and a platform. So you can tell we’re falling behind in 3D, which is why I need someone.

I know these are only words, but if you want to join a team that will complete what they start then this is your oppertunity. Our team “has” not all of them are completely dedicated to the project. If for some reason we lose a person then the project will continue and we will replace that person. I refuse to let this be a failure due to laziness :).

To ensure none of our members get burnt out but to make sure keep working. Each week I post a list of things that I need accomplished. The field leader will then take that information and give it to his/her group but in a more specific and organized manner. I do not overwork my crew, but they do the work I have for them and I expect it to be turnd in on time.

DO NOT: Respond to this message if you are not a dedicated person. You must be willing to work. You must be willing to put some time and effort into this.

Of course I know I have nothing to show. If I were to have a few more Modelers then I could guarentee to have something to show first monday in December.

We currently have 8 fields.
-Sound (Not put to work yet)
-Testing (Not put to work yet)
-Concept Art
-Level Design

Thank You,
Taylor (Odin)

Vitality you misunderstand me. The game idea wasn’t mine, and my task isn’t 3D. I am a programmer and level designer. The storyteam made the story, plot and setting. I only suggested the theme. I work in 3D because my current 3D guy is under alot of stress and he needs help. I’m definitly no good at it but I do my best.

This is by no means “my,” game. This is our game. Everyone who contributes to this game has equal share to it. I’m leader because no one else wants the job and I brought everyone in.

Thank You,
Taylor (Odin)

Take it from me, lots of people ask this question (like once a fortnight), and i have yet to see more than two in my 3 years that have ever been going anywhere. (have a look for a post posted in the last few days. It was one of the two)

Come back with a Demo, screen-shots, or concept art, and then people will respond kindly.

its not personal, its that there have been to many people crying wolf.

I’m gonna lock this thread before you get other negitive replys, if people are interested they will email you.

Good luck.