Projection adapter product rendering

Don’t ask me what it is… but here is my latest rendering…

Here is a shot of what the projector is supposed to look like…

It’s not exact but it’s getting to be a pretty close approximation…


Added some ports, shrunk the projector, tweaked some textures.

Looks good, very close to the reference. Are you working from the one reference only, or are you using others to get the details? Pretty accurate so far.

That reference image is the only image I have of this unit. I have created some texture maps in Gimp to help. The resolution of the reference is so low, I can’t read some of the text. So, I have to make up what I believe it says.

The customer is starting to get very happy with the renderings. So, I don’t know how much he’ll push on the details. He may eventually say, “Meh, close enough.”

Next is to add an interface plate to the side of the metal box on the bottom. It is supposed to look like this:

I had hoped to just texture map this thing in. However, the lighting on it just doesn’t match at all. So, now I am thinking I might just texture map the text from that image and model the buttons.

One issue I cannot tackle yet is those keyholes. I don’t know why they look all splotchy like that. I checked the normals and they are pointing out. It has set smooth turned on and there are no tris in the mesh. The material is used in other places without issue.

I have no idea why they look like that. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Check that there aren’t duplicate faces - how did you model them? Also, are you using Ambient occlusion? Maybe the material is reflecting noise from the environment or something? I don’t know…
Model the buttons, you’ll be happier that way. Glad your client likes it so far, they should be very satisfied once you are done. :slight_smile:

I can’t find duplicate faces. The model is essentially a modified sphere. I am not using AO. I am using YafRay. There is no environment… just that white color. I tooled around with material settings all night and could not get rid of that speckling.

Anyways, I added the interface, a coupe tweaks to the model, etc.