projection on a curved surface

Hi I’m new to blender and this forum, so excuse me if I dont use the right terms. I want to know to know if it is possible to project f.ex. a circle onto a curved surface to make new vertices on the curved surface? I welcome any suggestion, as I’m quite stuck on this problem. Best ekbje

Go to the modeling support forum for this question.

Use the retopo tool, in the edit buttons (press f9). Or are you trying to actually change the topology of the curved surface? If you are you might want to find another way to do what you’re trying to do.

there are many ways, depends on what you want to get. watch some tutorials about booleans maybe. That would be my guess.

Actually… best way yet… Shrinkwrap… but you have to get an svn version of blender… it’s not in 2.47. The modifier has only just been added.