Projection painting tutorial for blender 2.8

Hello to everyone,

I’ve got an idea. I would like to paint the 3D characters that I’ve created with a color that I get from a movie. In this particular case is “waiking life” movie. The idea is to use the projection painting to pick the color needed from the movie and to project it into the mesh of 3D character. I’m looking for a tutorial that explain how to do that in blender 2.8,because right now I found no tutorial about that on youtube. And I suspect that the procedure is changed from 2.7 to 2.8.

I also in same situation. Can’t even find any manuals how this part of Blender UX was changed.

Here is a video about projection painting on 2.8. Be careful because the interface has changed since the time of the video but the fundamentals are still active.
In addition showing other methods for projection painting on 2.8 there is that video
Good luck and show ue your work…


thanks. Now I want to try to make the project painting of a texture for a 2D object created with grease pencil : this is the right tutorial to follow and to complete :slight_smile:

because the car will look better if we want to apply a texture of a real car on top of the draw,using the projection painting tecnique. don’t u think the same ?

Also this can be useful :slight_smile: