Prometheus alien space ship using displacement modifier

Hey guys this is my first real try at using michalis’ technique using the displacement, subsurf modifier and uv sculpting.
Most of the image was created in the compositor using around 8 different rendered images, Smoke/dust is created using halos at .06 alpha and adding a customized hue node. Still working on creating a better background and possibly adding in lens flares:confused:???
What else can i improve on?


There isn’t really much to see :confused: Your first attachment doesn’t work!

Yeah the website logged me out half way through writing so i re-uploaded it.
here is another link just in case: here

Thanks for the feedback

I appreciate the ship, and what michalis gave us, but that node screen is insane to me. :smiley:

Iirc, all the exterior spaceship shots in Prometheus were in daylight. I like your original mood and color scheme.

Are the mountains modeled? They look 2D. Add some relief lighting like you have on the ship to give them more form.
The scene looks miniaturized. I think it’s the scale and low detail in the haze. Also if you are using depth of field, turn it off.
Use lighting or rearrange the composition to separate the right end of the ship from the background.
Note: I’m viewing the image on my lousy laptop screen, so some of these issues may not actually exist.

I’ve seen bigger node setups. Made some NN’S (node nightmares - seriously, someone coin that phrase) myself.

You forgot to run it through Colour Balance? tsk tsk tsk.

JK, great render! Love it, the only boon is the smoke looks a bit unrealistic. And go spasmodic on the lens flares, hell if I care, J.J Abrams does it all the time.

O_o Nathan Ferguson??

Thanks for the suggestions! new update coming soon

What I meant about the nodes before is, is that all worth it in the end? Nodes should enhance and not take away, and this node setup is definitely taking away from the picture. Looking at it from an outside perspective, all I see is blur, blur, blur, blur… I’d spend more time on the actual picture itself before even touching anything in the nodes. As it looks now, you could have actually made that background in GIMP, and rendered the ship with an alpha background, then mixed the two together. Don’t get lost in “Nodeville” :smiley: