Promo Animation

Hey everyone.
I have been using Blender for a while and this is my first “real” completed animation project.
please let me who what you think of it.

I really liked the look of it. The colors, lighting, animation, looks good. But if I may suggest… its not clear what those blocks are. If those are the televisions with static screens, I think it would have a better impact if they looked more like televisions, with more rectangular screens. Then you could just have the camera start on one of them, and pan back from the stack just before the bullet hits, rather than crossing from one sequence to the next.
Just a thought.

Thank you for the feedback Ric.
I think that I will have to work on the TVs like you said. These TVs started out as temporary ones while I figured out the rest of the animation but then I just kept going without changing them.

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