Promo clip for my "studio"

So I decided to make a little clip to attach to the front or back of videos I make, in a way similar to other production companies. Calling it a studio is a bit grandiose–it’s just me at my home computer here. Anyway, I spent a couple hours slapping it together based on my user icon (which is of course based on the blender graphic) and came up with this: (1216 kb) (439 kb)

If you have any general impressions or suggestions let me know. Also, let me know if you have any trouble viewing these clips–I’m experimenting with different ways of compressing video in advance of starting the “Fortnight Challenge” animation contest.

By the way, the sound effect is homebrewed, too.
Feel free to use that and anything else I have on that site under the Creative Commons Attribution/ShareAlike License.

P.S. Does anybody know the technical/industry name for this kind of clip?

The circle stops to sudden ( sorry my bad english )
Maybe the circle should rotate a bit in the other direction befor it stops.

The physic looks already very believable (the motions of the three sticks). Good work :smiley: