Promoting Blender in educational institutions

Hi. Autodesk promotes their softwares in educational institutions. When a student finishes the courses, he will certainly pick up a commercial software. What if Blender Foundation could gather some funds specially for Blender educational programs. If they do that, Blender will certainly get a better reputation in the world of ,industry standards" . Beter reputation means more AAA devs supporting Blender. For Blender Foundation, supporting education may eventually pay off. What do you think ?

I think that is a great idea.:yes:

This is full of the typical holes in logic when in comes to why a software is used or not used. First the logic is backwards. Autodesk products are being used in the workplace, therefore schools teach what kids will likely be asked to know in order to get a job and justify paying for high-priced and unnecessary education.

Any software - not just Blender - gets is reputation based on what the tools can do. People will find out about a tool that is doing great things. Word of mouth etc.

What possible benefit would there be in spending money to promote a software that is free and most kids in school already know about? The main reason most of them don’t just download it and learn it is because they don’t expect they can get work using it. They will find work using other software. That is the reality to them.

I work with a group of graduates who all knew well about Blender. But the only reason they spent time learning it was because here at my shop, we use it along with other software they are already familiar with. And I said, if you work here, you will also have to learn Blender because we use it too. So they did. But we only use it for the things we know we can rely on and use other software for other tasks. And this is fairly typical. Most studios do not rely on Blender or use it at all because it can not be relied on to do the things they need to stay competitive. This reality in the workforce in turn informs the education system as to what to teach.

You want to spend good money. Spend it on better tools. And then more and more studios will be using it and hiring people who know about it. The education system will catch up when that happens as a natural course.

And I think it is sure to happen eventually.

^^ Nailed it.