Proog and Emo singing in German!

Just an update regarding my Elephants Dream remix video “My PC Is On Fire”, which by now has shown the Elephants Dream video footage to over 145,000 people. A friend of mine translated the words to German and then I resang the music cut and edited the video footage to lip synch properly to the German lyrics. You can see it here:

If anyone knows of any German forums I should post to, please give me the URL’s, thanks. roschler
is the german forumsite I am on and think of as really good.
i think it is also the only blenderforum for germans i think, but don´t really know.
so i´ll suggest this site

great done


Warum habe ich eigentlich auf englisch geschrieben?

weiss ich nicht^^

aber blendpolis ist meiner Meinung das einzige “große” deutsche Blenderforum

Grüße Michael

florianfelix, Thanks for the link. It looks like someone named “ernesto” was already kind enough to post it, and apparently he’s getting bashed for doing so. One user is even worried about his Dell computer because of the song! Funny, the English version has been a big hit so far. You never can tell with these things. roschler

Because not everyone on this forum can read german.