A small game project I’m working on. Got the idea after an animation project that I did. I’m sure there are similar concepts out there, but I haven’t seen or played them.

I’d like a little feedback on gameplay and more importantly whether the fun factor is there. I’ve been enjoying running away in this game, but then again, I created it.

Overall plan calls for a series of maps, probably 10, that the player can choose from. Only one very basic level created right now. Goal is to stay alive as long as possible. I haven’t added a timer yet, but it’s in the works.

I know I’ve got some clipping issues with the player and enemy being able to squish through walls if they press hard enough.

I’ve attached the .blend. Open and press P to play. Up arrow is forward, Down arrow is backward. Left and Right arrows turn Counterclockwise and clockwise respectively. Player is green. Run away from the infamous Red Cube. It’s the only thing that can kill you.

Have fun and I’d love to hear some suggestions, critiques and comments.


PropogateGame.blend (1.01 MB)

Please take the time to post a screenshot or two. I’ll be happy to play once I know what it is.

It’s pretty fun, but you need to make some kind of AI so that the red cubes know to go around the blue barriers if the player is on the other side. Otherwise you can just lead the cube into a barrier and it will never get you. Similarly, it’s pretty easy to “steer” the red cube around the pink things, so it never propagates itself, which I assume is the point of the game.

So I think it has the potential to be really fun and challenging, you just need some better AI to make it work.

Really nice idea.(:

That is kinda fun! I hate it when the red box gets a bunch more on his side… seems a bit unfair then! How about getting some on the green side when touched? You can win by getting more on your side to delete the other team, then the levels can get harder by who can get the most helpers before they are touched and deleted by the other team?

As requested…a quick screenshot. Green is good. Red is bad. Purple can cause problems.

The AI is a simple track to actuator with an always always sensor and motion. Any suggestions on improving it’s ability to go around walls? Thinking that a near or collision sensor has some options but I can’t quite get my head around it.

Updates coming–Allowing green (player) to propogate and Scoring


hi! what is your Blender version? 2.6+ ? use Navmesh for AI

Thanks for the link. I’m using 2.59 currently. I should probably grab the newest version.

Yes, as 1adam proposed use navmesh. Here is a quick link to get you started easily :
Of course it has it’s limitations but I guess it will work fine with your game.
Now expand and build upon what you already have :slight_smile: Add menu, endgame screen, maybe hud with score and a timer etc. I’d lower the rotation of the player a bit maybe to 3 degrees, but that’s personal opinion. Now it’s just too fast to feel comfortable. When the red turns the purple to bad guys they got some added speed alowing them to easily catch the player .You can’t outrun them. Also you could lower the raidus a bit or even change the colision bounds to a box (increase the margin here a bit). Also increasing physics substeps(2 or 3 is ok) in the world tab panel should help a bit. Now you can touch objects, without really touching them. Just experiment further.
Wish you luck and hope you present new version soon! :slight_smile:

Taking a step backward to help with going forward. Proof of Concept stuff.

Only 1 purple box this time. Simple Motion (Location) has been changed to linV. This eliminates the clipping and passing through the walls issue. Controls are a little floaty now, but still okay. I’ll be tightening them up shortly.

Reduced the turning speed. Might make that an option from the game menu.

Upgraded to 2.6, so NavMesh is now a reality. Very nice.

After 15 seconds pass (the first blue spinner shows up), the green Hero can touch the purple box and it will attack the red Monster.

Going to try something involving a Near or Radar sensor to make the Monster want to propogate itself, rather than randomly running into a purple box. Need to make it change focus from one to the other. We’ll see how it turns out. I’m always open to suggestions.

Press P to play. Up and Down arrow are forward and back. Left and right rotate.

PropogateGame.blend (1.02 MB)

Just thinking out loud. For the monster to want to propogate itself, perhaps a state change? Change from tracking the hero to tracking the purple cube? I’ll have to try it out.

Another quick update.

More monster functionality. The initial red box will now seek out the purple boxes to propagate itself. provided it gets close enough. Only the initial red box has this option. All other red boxes are mindless drones trying to kill you.

Pressing ‘B’ will now stun/shutdown the bad guys for 2 seconds. Gain a little breathing room. This currently has no limit, will be implementing either a pick up system or a fixed number of stuns per level.

Will be adding gold energy ball things to pick up. Decided that having a goal other than just staying alive will be a better way to go. May have a straight survival level once I get that far.

Press P to play. Up arrow is forward. Left and Right turn. B to stun. R restarts if you’re dead. Don’t forget. Survive 15 seconds (first blue spinner appears) and go touch a purple box.

PropogateGame.blend (1.09 MB)

Latest update

Collect 10 gold balls and a green portal opens. Get to it to head to level 2. Same process in level two will kick you back to level 1.

“B” stuns the bad guys. You’re limited to three uses now. Haven’t implemented the onscreen counter, but it’s coming.

See posts above for controls.

PropogateGame.blend (1.28 MB)