Propeller Blur for Still Image

Hi Folks, I am doing a composition of an airplane…a still image with no animation. I am trying to figure out the best method to simulate the propeller spinning with blur like you’d see if looking at an airplane or picture of a plane. I can’t seem to find anything to help in the forums. I see a lot about Vector Blur but that seems directed to animating, which I am not doing. Is there any other “trick” I can do to simulate propeller blur w/o having to do it in an editor post-render? I want to be able to render in Blender an have it render the blur in my still image. Thanks in advance!

One thing you could try would be to animate the propellers spinning, and take a still frame mid animation. I’m not sure how vector blur works, but I know that if you enable motion blur in the render panel, it will give you a blur.

on trick is to replace the propeler with a disk on which you paint something that look like a rotating properler

hope it helps