proper UV unwrap


I have tried to unwrap a surface and with the following material, however, I have been unable to create a seamless wrap. I tried a couple of different experiments, with placement of the seams at different places on the column, but in all cases, the seam was visible in the final render.

Here are a couple of tries, and the latest one in .blend.

credit for the material - blendswap cf material


cf material.blend (642 KB)

Whoa. Accidentally surreal.

Yes, very nice shape…

I was about to suggest box mapping but, before to serve it to you, I decided to taste my own dog food…

(I added some colors to see a little better.)

It seems that box mapping doesn’t work the way I thought. There are some weird fuggly glitches where horizontal planes met vertical planes.

I really can’t think of a way to unwrap such a shape and box mapping doesn’t work… Errr… Good luck for the future. :smiley: