Properly attaching meshes (greebles) to an emitter

Hey all,

After over half a decade, I’m trying to get back into Blender and restarting my old project of a ship animation through redoing the ship you see as my avatar. Unfortunately, in trying to create greebles for a part of the ship, I’m running into an issue with their orientation with respect to the emitter mesh. Any straight up/down or side/side face emits the greebles properly, but any face at an angle does not. I have attached a few rough example images to show what I mean.

As you can see, face normals following exact 90 degree angles allow the placeholder meshes I used for the greebles to properly attach to the surface, while the angled sides somewhat rotate the meshes but not completely properly. Plus, some of the greebles on top seem to be rotated slightly around the Z axis when the rotation is set to Normals. Setting the rotation to Object Z or Global Z fixes the Z axis rotation but, of course, leaves all greebles facing upwards no matter what.

Any ideas?

Try out my GreebleFX tool

I actually do have your GreebleFX tool but it doesn’t seem to like applying the group of meshes I made for the greebles.