Properly exporting Blender models for other programs.

I made some models in Blender and exported them using modifers. When I exported them as .3ds, collada. and .obj and imported them (in this case, Sketchup), all the vertices show up where it would be a smooth surface when it was in Blender. I tried Joining them (in Blender), but it didn’t help.

I imagine there is a proper procedure that I am ignorant of.

Can anyone help?



You need to supply examples of what you are talking about.

What objects
What modifiers
What export/import settings
What do you mean by ‘smooth surface’. Were you expecting a rough surface ? if so what does that look like.

I made a building using the array, build and solidify modifier.

I did apply all the modifiers before I exported it. Here is the original without the modifiers applied.


Here is what it looks like when I exported a .DAE (I applied all the modifiers).

Obviously I didn’t do a good job preparing it and exporting it so it looks good.


I made a building using the Array, build, and solidify modifiers. Here is how it came out.

I then exported it as a Collada. and a wavefront object. I opened it up in Sketchup and this is how it looks.


Do you see what I mean?