Properties Bug?

Hello, I have a Python Script that references properties from other gameobjects. One of these properties is Float. However, while tinkering around I changed that float to an int (in the blender logic brick UI). I ran the game engine, which runs the script and instead of the expected 34.5 value, it gives me a -5.

So I change the int back to a float, once again in the blender logic brick UI. But now, the number remains at a nonsensical -5. In other words, it seems that there is a bug.

Could you post the script, or the part of it you’re dealing with?
I’ve never run into such a problem.

Have you checked your script for any other changes you may have made, even accidentally? Take your value, run through the script line by line to see what happens to it, maybe there’s a problem on one of the lines. Or post it and let us take a look at it.