Properties editor in game

I need to write a simple 3 line interface, using text and two buttons per line,

so pointing the cursor on an component in my game brings this menu up on a screen on your arm using generic text-

  • Property 1 -
  • Property 2 -
  • Property 3 -
    these will be to “program” channels for inputs, and motor limits, torques etc.
    So clicking + cycles through the possible options for a property, like Property 1’s options are “option 1”,“option 2”,“Option 3”

I am not the best python coder, and would gladly make models or armatures, or write story line for a little help :slight_smile:
or you could just make it and I can add you to the credits for my game,
So far it is me, and Akira_b and some people who want to contribute, but are still learning…
I can get away with a lot of logic code… but this represents a python issue to me :slight_smile:

this project will go open source, with a clause that the google ad’s must be maintained in the loading screens, so we can keep adding parts and eating sandwiches and developing a small electronics test environment and a neat puzzle game and eventually a 3d representation of the internet :slight_smile:

I know how to grab/change a property by clicking a button on said object, but I want to have it controlled by a single “screen” that is on the player, that interacts with the environment/components
I was thinking that it could read properties of a colliding object, and spawn invisible colliders or a ray that cycles through options, but don’t know how to get the name for a message based on a collision and store it to be used to send the “Cycle property 1 +” or “Cycle property 1 -” etc…

I have subdivided the “menu” in 4 piece instead of 6 , since is alot more easy .:smiley:

click on the plane and change property


menu.blend (79 KB)

Very cool!!

now how do I have it use what I click to change the propety of a object that another “targeting object” is touching?

I look at motor, I see the “properties” change to motors properties, then clicking while looking at motor changes property?
I love what you have done btw :slight_smile:

I will Pm you a .blend

thanks , try to see this, i guess to understand what you mean, maybe it can give some idea

(key based )… actually change the angular velocity .


rigSystem.blend (83.8 KB)

So this works, but what I need is a little different, very nice solution though,

I need when an object is in front of you in your cross-hairs it pops up on a computer on your wrist, if it is a editable object (motor etc) you can change it’s properties by clicking(just like what you did) on buttons ON the screen, so


  • Torque -
  • PulseRate -
  • BasePolarity -
    as text

I can get this done with passing properties with set property and copy property, but my issue is the assignment of the target object to edit, I can copy properties with logic and set them with python, but I don’t know how to change the “Target” object

I wish I was better @ python… I just think ALOT better in pictures, and can’t seem to remember anything I learn about it :slight_smile:
other then set property that I use to pass variables to logic like velocity etc…

I need a game object properties as properties tab…

you re right , your way give less dependeces(even to me like these dependences), the problem is that not there the text.
anyway i want try to de-centralize a bit :wink:

@ MarcoIT: I really enjoy studying your examples. Almost every time I learn something new.

Just off subject I’m trying to put a song across all of my menu screens in blender game but i don’t know how can you help?

I have a text thingus, that can copy properties from any object that it is targeting with Copy Property-Target property and target object, so any property you can set I can use to do logic :slight_smile:

these are what I need to change

attached is an example with the text, I can do that part myself, I just need to ajdust the copy property target armature I think, but I am not sure how :slight_smile:


CodeItAll.blend (522 KB)

if every object had a list you could call on like

instance Identity tag
velocity global
Position global

as a logic property by default that you could check on and off for each object :slight_smile:

then with the in game editing system you could reshape things, as well as do what I need

then I could do

tag = identitiy tag X
if property(tag,property) = x -----------and----------Do whatever

so I could trigger things in objects by monitoring other objects dynamically, with logic

Logic is SO MUCH easier for my brain or lack thereof

I have make a menu with 18 buttons (+1)
every button have a function .
at moment to change force every axis + reset .
and the same for torque.
there also a button to destroy the object selected .

add other like this (tho change scale or position) is a lot easy

the problem STILL , the text. you cannot see any value .
using text obj seem out of discussion (too many)

i guess need the module blf to make text , but i never used

the script is long but i not guess is not excessively hard

maybe is redundant , is a bit experimental for me this menu


menuFunction2.blend (650 KB)

Very cool!

I ended up using a collision with an object to “target” the item with python, then I used spawning colliders to change values, so it does not need any message adress, it just spawns a cube that says Xpos or X neg, and the item changes its own values on collision,

what about a item selector, that targets a system, that can select through each prpoperty on a list, and only display that one, and then use two other mouseable items to change the value

(viewed like this)
Mouse selects OBJECTBOB
(button -) (Property selector) (button+)
(button-) (Value) (button+)

value Max = countlistitems//I don’t know the func in python

if button + is clicked and property = max then property = 0 // if you get through the list, start at the beginning

so you display the item based on it’s index, on a list you set up manually, or with code

I used to do this in secondlife

I made final fantasy tactics in secondlife :slight_smile:

Can you code base properties into a cube? like height, width and depth,

or radius 1 radius 2 for a torus?

a sphere etc?
you could even have Skew x -100----------------0---------------100
that way you could adjust the value with adjusting the property,
like click object, select edit, and the menu pops up,
then you could build simple primitives in game,
add dynamic painting, and enough complexity…
and you can make a game map in a game… and turn the universe inside out…

ie a , a button to choose the property to change ,
this should be doable . surely is a bit more complex.
the next versio try this;)