Properties greyed out in Object Mode. (2.72, 2.72a)

I am no longer able to manipulate any property values in either the ToolShelf Properties or when pressing F6 in Object Mode. All the values are greyed out and cannot be changed. Is anyone else seeing this in 2.72 or 2.72a? I have disabled all possible add-ons to rule out a problem there.

BTW…I loaded factory settings and it doesn’t happen. Did I somehow accidentally enable and save to my user settings the most useless feature in the world (one that locks me out of my Object Mode properties) or could something have gotten corrupted and saved in my settings? I am not sure…

Thanks VickyM72, that worked! I have no idea why it was unchecked or what Global Undo has to do with Object Properties being greyed out but the problem is solved and I can move on. Thanks again.