Property Tracking?

Is there a way to have an object track a player by property as opposed to OBJECT NAME? Because I am using an instanced mesh, and it works when I’m using the thing before its an instance, but when its instanced he she walks right past you, any ideas?

Hi Inferno, I asked for a similar thing, so far only using Python is possible.
I added a blend, with it, script by Siegel, it’s quite old, so you’ll need someone to rewrite it for you, even if it works. I’ll watch it and see if there is a way to update it so that I can remove the deprecation errors.
I use it for the AI, missiles, transportation, almost everything. You can change the edit object actuator with a add object, it will clone the nearest object with a specific property, or a add parent, it will get parented to the nearest object with the property… :yes:
Hope I helped.
Nice work btw with the castle project!


trackToClosestObject.blend (479 KB)

Hey, thanks, this is pretty much what I was looking for, yeah I have a friend that should be able to repair this, if he can will you want the new version?
Oh, and thanks about the castle project, nice to know someone is watching.

Inferno I have just thought. Could we make a HUGE path around the whole map and then make it follow the path until it is near enough to track the player?

I don’t know about that one, it would seem to fake and people would complain, I have some ideas though, and a lot of time to work on them.

Yeh do what ever suits you best. It was just an idea I came up with if it was walking through a cave say…

Yeah I may do something like that in that case, instead of mapping out the whole area like I’ve been planning, so yeah, thanks, that might save me trouble in those situations.

I use this script for auto pilot my ships. If a condition is fulfilled, a set of objects will appear along a path, like bread crumbs, then they’ll disappear as the player/ship/baddy collides with them. That will simplify pathfinding…
I’d like the new version very much thank you!

BTW, have you seen the video for my game?