Proportional edit not working!

I am trying to model a character and i’m following a tutorial but when i try to edit with something called proportional edit it’s not working as it should it just works as with normal edit please help me and it says i should select the right-most vertex i maybe do it wrong too. Here’s the bit of the tutorial.

Shaping the mouth
Shaping the mouth, from Top View.

Let’s give the mouth some shape.

  • In Front View (NumPad 1), select the right-most vertex

  • O to enable proportional editing. Proportional editing transforms nearby vertices even though they’re not selected. After starting a transform (grab, rotate, or scale), the mouse cursor will turn into a circle to outline the sphere of influence. You can use MW to adjust the size of the sphere of influence while transforming.

  • Switch to top view (NumPad 7.

  • Move the vertex up and in a little, using G, to look something like Shaping the mouth. I ended up making the sphere of influence pretty large with MW (so the outer edge of the circle was almost touching the Object Center) to form this mouth shape in a single move. Proportional Editing
    O to toggle proportional editing
    MW to change the influence
    (or Alt NumPad + and Alt NumPad - after G, R or S)
    More info: Manual/PartII/Advanced_Mesh_Modelling

    If everything disappears . . .: If you press a number key at the top of the keyboard by mistake and everything disappears, press the key (the one next to the 1 key, it also has a ~ on it) to get it back. This happened because the numbers at the top of the keyboard let you view individual layers. The Plane was added to Layer 1 by default and there's nothing on Layer 7. So if you press 7, it shows just Layer 7 and it seems like the plane disppeared. Just press the key to show all layers at once.

You can make sure the proportional editing tool is on using this control
If the tool has no effect, your “circle of influence” isn’t large enough to affect any other vertices. After you press g to grab, you should see a faint grey circle on the screen. If you don’t, rotate your mouse wheel towards you until a circle shows up. Everything inside the circle will be affected to a greater or lesser degree when you move the selected vertices.


I can’t thank you enough it’s working now somehow thousand of thanks for you man!