Proportional edit selection question

Hi Guys,

is there a way to query the vert selection for the proportional edit? I can only see the falloff size, and that’s after I’ve done a transformation with it. The idea would be to pre-visualize the selection before making any type of transformation and use the selection with a hook modifier, mimicking something like a soft falloff cluster in maya.



If you’re talking about something like this.
Sadly right now you can’t. Maybe after 2.8 release one of the devs will add it. It was requested quite a lot already. Some people tried to do it, but it was never finished.

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And i hope at some point we will see “custom curve” falloff for proportional editing. Hook modifier has it, but pro. editing for some reason don’t.

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thanks, that’s the one :slight_smile: we’ll, I’ll get in line and wait then, I guess the wishlist is pretty long for anything post 2.8.

ye, custom curves would be nice. I’m mostly using the grab sculpting tool for that, but that’s not something that could be implemented in a deformer.

btw, question on the side - is there some community place where like minded people could join and fund a developer for specific projects? Those corporate memberships are a bit rich for me, but I guess if enough people with similar goals come together it could make a difference. I know there’s sculpt quest and stuff like that, but was thinking of a more direct way of getting some improvements in.

I don’t think there is community place where you can fund a dev for specific projects. Maybe if someone will arrange it. There is community forum and “right-click select” sub-forum is used to suggest ideas, where people can vote.

And some of the devs read blender artists forum too. But right now blender is mostly in bug-fixing state, so devs probably won’t add anything big until blender will be released and stable.
And there is already “proportional editing, viewport visualisation” request.

I checked that one, seems like a good place to bounce ideas around.

Would be good to have somewhere where people could put money behind it, I’d like to do more than crossing my fingers. It’s hard to control where the money goes in the dev fund itself (apart from generally improving blender, which is great ofcourse).

That proposal has quite a few upvotes and is from 10 months ago. It’d be interesting to see how much it’d cost to fund someone implementing it, I’m sure many of us would be happy to pitch in for specific features.