Proposal: Dynamic paint

Dynamic paint in the bge, for real time emission map, displacement in real time etc

Simple operation built into each object, so the “Camera Vision Cone” makes everything invisible when not in scene,
So “Cone” 1 and “Larger Cone”-Cone 1
3 levels of model that are set up to change by distance, for each origin,
Like level 1 far = low poly, level 2 = medium, level 3 close = HD
Collision Cone 1 = visible
collision Cone 2 = make invisible
NoteRaster needs subdivision cranked up on 2 spheres to be identical
but it does not matter, it is MUCH faster with raster


NoRaster.blend (556 KB)Raster.blend (556 KB)

This is called frustrum culling ,and its a feature blender game engine already has it.
(Sorry for being off-topic)