Protobots: Introducing Robotoid!!!

:eyebrowlift: This is one of the bot that are going to be used in the animation project that i’m going to collab with CANDYMAN in. these bot are used for fighting like in metabots but beter. because in this story, the robots use the owners enrgy and stamina and fighting abilty, attributes in general, this means that when the user is tired and so will the robot be;)

Here he is people


I’ve gotta Credit CANDYMAN for the drawing and design of this protobot

Progress Progress Progress


feel free! comment!

I love the toon renders. He looks cute and creepy at the same time; kind of like a little kid that could beat you up if he wanted to, hehe. I like sort-of pouty look on his lips.
He looks more alien than robot, though. … but the red eyes in that last pic help.

Looks cool, but the forehead seems large, if thats what you want it looks fine, but to me, it looks odd,

lol. well the toon renders arent to my satisfaction i feel i can do better than this but thnks.:wink:

the forehead is what represent the protobots which fall under the OID family and there are also the MEGAZ and the MONZ. one of my friends CANDYMAN is working on one of the MEGAZ that you can find on the following link

as you can see that the MEGAZ always look like they are wearing a mask coz their mouth never show or rather they dnt have a mouth and as time goes i’ll send you a drawing of one of the MONZ