Proxie meshes?

Can blender do proxie meshes for animation? meaning that for realy high res animations rather then having the high res models for animating were blender goes EXtrEmly slow or crashes. you have the same rig and all just you use very low res models that r the same as your high res ones but way less polys. so animate the proxie then swap it with the high res and hit render but keeping the bone animation … is there some script or something that can do this?

Perhaps ?

if your highres meshes are made by sculpting you could use multires and go down to level one for rigging and animating.

but if you want to diffrent models low/ high poly youll still have to rig the high poly model, and i think even on a diffrent layer it will slow down blender since it will have to move both meshes.

Daniel8488, are you sure about that? I was under the impression that you just put the low poly mesh on one layer, the high poly mesh on another, and the rig on a third layer, and rig both meshes with the same rig. Then, do the grunt work with the low poly mesh layer selected and the high poly layer deselected.

if you are planning to have your character in a lib file and link it to your animation scenes, having two meshes in separate layers won’t work. You need two separate files with same group name and same rig for hi/low character and edit library in outliner.